You’re UnderEmployed if you are not doing this at work

We’ve all been fooled by the question, “What was your previous salary”, on job applications. Which has led us to believe that as long as we are making money, we are doing good? Yet, underemployment also means that you are not living up to your full potential at work. Whether that be you not putting in the effort or your employer not allowing you to.

Your next employer doesn’t care if you’re getting paid manager money if you don’t have a manager skillset. Asking what your last salary was, only gives them a ballpark of what they should offer you. Nothing more, nothing less. Yes, a pay increase can pay bills. Yet, having a competitive skill set will pay off, if a layoff should arise. Besides states are eliminating the salary question. This goes to show there isn’t any real importance in knowing someone’s salary.

Getting paid and educated at work is the norm. Unfortunately, when some people realize this, it’s too late. Don’t want until a layoff to wish you had done more. Don’t wait until you are job searching to find out that your skills are pretty dated in your industry.

Spending decades at a job doesn’t make you successful. What you’ve learned in those decades does.

Don’t do these 3 things during your layoff

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Once you are laid off you will get all kinds of advice. Some of it will be helpful to you and some of it will not. Always remember that same as the advice I’m about to give you, advice if based off of personal experiences. You just have to figure out what will work for you.

Don’t isolate yourself

Out of embarrassment, you may want to isolate yourself from everyone. Do not do it. Even if it is just responding back to a text message and saying, “I’m okay, I’ll contact you once I have more time to adjust.” It’s best not to cut off the outside world. Eventually, you will need support, even if it’s just someone who tells you it will be okay.

Don’t wait until you are in desperate need to job search

Before you think about taking a long break, you need to consider your finances. You will add more stress to your life by being unemployed and desperate for cash. You’ll end up coming off really desperate in interviews. You’ll also probably have to take any role you can get. As opposed to having time to properly search for the best fit.

Don’t join pity parties

We all want to be around people who understand our pain. However, the best people to be around are people who can understand and help. Don’t spend too much time around people that can only talk about how horrible this is for you. At this point and time, “those aren’t your people”! You need to be around movers and shakers so that it can rub off on you.

You can either make your layoff a mini vacation or a permanent destination. The choice is yours.

Microsoft Office Shortcuts you should know for Windows Environment

My very first Job when I graduated College in 2002, was working for an outplacement firm. This firm helped clients who were laid off gather the tools to re-enter the workforce. So I spent a very large portion of my day editing and formatting resumes. I had to learn a few keyboard shortcuts. In the workplace you will find these shortcuts helpful if you find yourself using MS Word often.

CTRL+U = Underline your text (This shortcut can be used prior to typing the text or once you have typed the text you can highlight and use the shortcut)

CTRL+B = Bold your text (This shortcut can be used prior to typing the text or once you have typed the text you can highlight and use the shortcut)

CTRL+I = Italicize your text (This shortcut can be used prior to typing the text or once you have typed the text you can highlight and use the shortcut)

CTRL + C = Copy your text

CTRL+V = Paste your previously COPIED text

CTRL + A = Select All text

SHIFT+F3 = Turns your selected text into all CAPS

ATL + PrntScr = Take a screenshot of an image, page etc. The purpose of this shortcut is if you want to send someone a snapshot in another program, you have the ability to do so. After you take the snapshot you can do a CTRL + V to copy and paste)

This article was originally published on my tumblr blog in 2012.