Career Innovation Help

– Career Coaching
– Interview Preparation Help
– Resume Assistance
– Cover Letter Assistance
– Job Search Strategy Assistance
– Online Resume Portfolio Creation
– Social Media Training
– General Technology Training

Small Business Innovation Help

– Web Development
– General Technology Training
– Software Testing
– Social Media Training
– New Hire “Vetting” Strategy Assistance
– Employee Engagement Assistance


– Feature Article Writing
– Ghost Writing
– General Blog Content Writing

Fast Facts about Business and the Economy

  • Small Businesses are responsible for 65% job creation (Gallup Killing Small Business Report
  • Middle-Class Employees are the heart and soul of the economy (Gallup Killing Small Business Report)
  • 70% of US Workers are disengaged in the workforce. In 2013, disengaged workers cost the US $450 TO $550 billion dollars (Gallup State of the American WorkPlace Report)
  • 46% of Small Business Owners say they need Technology help (Northwestern Small Business Survey)
  • 26% of Small Businesses Say they need help hiring skilled workers (Northwestern Small Business Survey)
  • In order for the economy not to go broke, the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) needs to be at least 2.5%. Currently, we are at 2.2%. The economist predict a mini-recession in 2018 (Gallup Killing Small Business Report, Visa Economist)
  • Only 50% of Employees know what’s expected of them at work. This also includes managers. Study conducted with 2.2 million people and 550 Organizations (Gallup Obsolete Annual reviews report)

If you fall under any of these Categories, AQ’s Corner is here for you

Job Seekers – Sarah is looking for an entry-level role post-college. She needs to learn job search strategies and how to target jobs in her desired field. We’re going to get her started on social media and create an online resume portfolio to make her stand out.

Career Transitioners – Mike is looking to change careers after 15 years in the same role. He needs to learn how the industry has changed. As well as how to incorporate his skills in the current industry. We are going to update his resume and also create an online resume for him. We will also make sure his social media accounts such as Linkedin are intact.

Small Business Owner 1 – Charlotte is starting her new bakery. She needs social media training and a website. We are going to build her a website and teach her how to maintain it herself as well as how to blog. We will be around if she has any questions or needs back up.

Small Business Owner 2 – Bob is starting his Food Truck business. He needs a website and social media presence. But he doesn’t want to be involved in the process. We’ll create the site and maintain it for him. We’ll also build out a blog for him and maintain his social media accounts.

Small Business Owner 3 – Rachael has been in business for 10 years. She has several employees and she wants to increase employee engagement. She hires AQ’s Corner to provide career coaching services for her employees. Coaching sessions are geared towards finding out their strengths, weaknesses. As well as what each employee can advance on to help the company gain more revenue.

Technology Enthusiasts – Paul knows a little about the Technology industry. He would like to advance his skills. He’s done some HTML and knows a little bit of Java, but has never created an actual website or app. We will help Paul create a website using WordPress. We will also help Paul create apps using Android Studio and App Inventor.

Generation X – Jeannie has been on her job for 20 years. She believes she is on the verge of a layoff. We will provide her with services to get her feet wet. We’ll teach her more about her industry and not just her current role. We will start to prepare her resume and cover letter for targeted jobs.

Baby Boomers – Ethel was recently laid off from her job of 30 years. We will first access her emotional state. Afterward, we’ll get her resume and cover letter prepared. We will figure out interests and craft both based on that. We will also provide her with tips for utilizing social media with her job search. As well as providing her with general technology training.

Millennials – Bella graduated from college 4 years ago. She landed a job that was perfect for her at the time. Now she feels like her career is stagnant and she is not moving. We access whether it’s Bella’s job or her not trying. After asking Bella a series of questions we find out it’s her job. Bella needs to explore new opportunities. We prepare her to research her industry to find out what her competitors are doing. We find the perfect role that meets her current skills and allows her to gain some new ones. We craft the resume and cover letter.

Employed – Rick has been on his job for 10 years. He loves his company and wants to switch positions within the company. We find out more about what he is interested in doing and if there is a particular role that covers it. We find a role, we prepare his resume and cover letter and prepare him to first speak to his manager. Afterward to speak to HR.

UnEmployed – Simon has been unemployed for a year and is looking for work. We find out what he is interested in. We also craft his resume and cover letter. Simon has done volunteer work within that year. We add that to his resume so that it does not appear that he has been idle to prospective employers.

UnderEmployed – John is making $7.00 an hour as a Warehouse Manager. He manages 5 people and works very hard. He has great industry knowledge. Yet, he has not gotten a raise in 3 years. We confirm that John wants to explore other opportunities that pay him his worth. We craft a resume and cover letter to match.


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