Disengaged employees aren’t always evil

I recently walked into a small business, made a buy and then asked about the company website. My purpose for asking about the website, was so that I could order even if I wasn’t in the neighborhood. The employee behind the counter told me that there was no website.


Her words, “we don’t have a website, we only have Facebook”. I left the store, went on their Facebook page and immediately found a link their website. Not only was she unaware of the website. She didn’t ask me if I was looking for something in particular. Nor did she try to research to see if anyone else could help me.


During the entire transaction, she was very nice and smiled. Unfortunately, that didn’t make her any less of a disengaged employee. Disengaged employees aren’t always the ones who need a break, as soon as you get to the register. Or the ones that are telling you they hate their job, while you pay for your things. They also come with smiles and are pretty clueless about their job and company.


If an employee does not know the answer to a question, they should either research or ask someone else. Knowing if your company has a website and directing people to it, is pretty basic. If you are a small business owner, make sure your employees aren’t making you lose money.


Ensure that they are not just nice, but that they can speak to your products and services.
Small Business – Train Employees on Sales

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