Here’s why I changed my business pitch to, “Repair the Economy”

Photo credit: AQ’s Corner
When people ask me what is it that I do, I’ve started to tell them, “Repair the Economy”. That’s my new business pitch. My mission is very simple. I’d like to get employees and businesses on the same page.


The importance of small businesses is that they are job creators. In a Gallup Killing Small Business Report in 2015, it was stated that small businesses were responsible for 65% of job creation. In that same report, it was also stated that middle-class jobs are the heart and soul of America. Which means that small businesses need employees and employees need small businesses.


For whatever reason, this is a hard concept for some to understand. Meaning we need well trained and engaged employees in these jobs to keep the GDP growing. In order for the economy not to go broke, we need the GDP to be about 2.5%. Right now we are performing at 2.2%, which is why some economist predict a mini-recession in 2018. Not as major as 2007, but they say there is a possibility of a recession if we keep performing as we are now.


Here’s a funny story; I was at a vendor event in early May with other small business owners and it was a really great event. My company floor sign had my mission statement and it also said, “Making it cool to say I work for someone”. I connected with some really good people because of it. A few people really respected the message and what it stood for. Unfortunately, a few folks were shocked that I was actually at a small business event talking about “working for people”. The nerve of me!


Not the clearest picture but this was the sign.
One business owner at another table decided to come over and tell me how he felt about it. He said he had seen my powerpoint presentation on the screen (which talked about my career and how I want to help people). He then said from all of that he figured he’d tell me I need to want more out of life than just working for someone. He actually said, “you need to stop working for this, AQ’s Corner”. He pointed at my sign very aggressively as he said it.


I allowed him to continue to talk because I wanted to see where things were going. So essentially he wanted me to join in a company that he and his wife had. Guess what, the way the business is structured, I would have been working for them. I ended up stopping him and explaining all of my services to him in full detail. I also said that I was “AQ’s Corner”. He was still confused about the value of taking care of employees. He gave me a speech about how people should be responsible for themselves. Like I didn’t know that already.


Obviously, everyone is responsible for themselves. Unfortunately, with 70% of the US Workforce disengaged, we have to ask ourselves why. We have to try and find solutions. In 2013, Gallup State of the American Workplace report, employee disengagement cost the US 450 billion to 550 billion that year. Can you hear me now! I’m not changing my business model to fit in with anyone. I’m here to fix shit and talk about a real problem.


Obviously, since this is my business, I can terminate a relationship when necessary. However, as a business owner, I’d rather talk about the importance of a good and engaged employee. In the process, my business model is also structured to help small businesses. I don’t feel that I can help one without helping the other. I’m here for the CEO’s and the people who don’t want to be CEO’s. That’s the mindset that will help repair the economy.


I AM HERE TO REPAIR THE ECONOMY!!!!! Get with it or step aside and let me do work!