Here’s why your pitch made me question your motives

I’m starting to get more of an influx of people who are asking to work for and with my business. I believe the larger influx is because of an article my company was featured in. While I’m excited that my company is getting exposure, I’m not excited at all about any of the pitches I’ve received.

Here’s why:

  1. Not one person has told me what they know about me or my business in their pitches.
  2. Not one person has shown me, that they have read any of the tons of articles I’ve written online. I have about 5 well-known publications that I write for outside of my own publication.
  3. Not one person has expressed a passion for my mission. Or said that it aligned with their mission.
  4. Not one person has told me why they want to work with or for me.

I could go on with this list but I’ll stop here. These are the 4 most basic things you should do before pitching to anyone’s business. It makes a business owner feel as if you care about their business. It also shows that you know how to research. You don’t have to necessarily know the most intricate details upfront, but you should point out at least one thing about the business itself. Telling me about your services and then just saying, “let’s talk”, makes me feel that our relationship will be all about you.

I’m a very new small business and right now I’m bootstrapping my business. I have more money going out than coming in at the moment. When I do start hiring I’m going to be extremely picky about who I hire.

I’m not hiring anyone who I feel displays that they just want money. I need people who want to learn and grow with me. I’m not partnering with anyone who just wants to add my company name to the bottom of their website. Nor will I allow anyone to work for me and run my business down to the ground for their lack of work effort. I think people do best when they are passionate about things. I need to see the passion for my mission in pitches before I even consider putting someone on my list for a callback.

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4 thoughts on “Here’s why your pitch made me question your motives

  1. As a freelance writer/blogger, you’d be surprised that some businesses do this as well! I get offers all the time to review or promote products to my audience that have nothing to do with my niche, anything i’ve written about, no mention of how the business has found me, and no compensation for my work, other than their free product which I can’t use (and sometimes might even be dangerous!). It goes both ways…just a little genuine interest and research goes a long way.

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