The Facebook Data Algorithm Nightmare, was it a bug or a feature?

One of my friends launched a business and I had suggested that she make her presence more known on social media. So she created a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram page. When it came to Twitter and Instagram it was very easy to find her pages and @mention her.

However, when I tried to @mention her on Facebook nothing came up. This issue was mind-boggling to the both of us. It was also annoying. Even when people searched for her on Facebook they couldn’t find her. It was almost as if her page didn’t exist, but it did. In order to find her, you’d have to know the exact full url of her business. The nightmare part of it was, if you searched for her other businesses with similar names and similar niches would come up immediately. So from a business perspective her competition was winning when others would search for her.

So I did some additional research and found out that there are instances where Facebook may not index your page immediately. Which I guess makes sense if you think about it. Maybe the data algorithm wants to ensure that you are going to be actively utilizing the page before it indexes you. As someone who has spent years in software testing, I was definitely wondering if this was a bug or a feature. I do question if this is a feature since it doesn’t seem to happen all of the time.

Nonetheless, I recommended that she post to her business page no less than twice a day. I also recommended that if she wanted people to be able to get to her page directly, that she should either give them the direct url or simply hashtag the business in her post. As when she started hashtagging the hashtags showed up in search.

With the hashtags themselves, she was able to get visitors to her page immediately. So her other friends and family started to do the same thing when they posted about her business. However, the consistency of making about 2-3 posts a day is what helped Facebook recognize her. It’s important to note we had to do this for about 2-3 weeks straight.

This may not always happen but just in case it does, here’s a good video to watch. Out of everything I viewed on this issue, this was the easiest to follow and understand.

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