3 things you should include in your goodbye email when leaving a job

There are so many ways to say goodbye, but there are some clear ways that will have you leaving in style. This simple goodbye email template is just too good to ignore.

Here are 3 things to include in your Goodbye email:

Something great about the company

If you’ve worked at a company for years you should have something good to say about the company. Think way back to a moment where a change was implemented that you liked. Maybe there was an introduction to healthy snacks or a positive afterwork meetup group. Or you can talk about your co-workers that have become good friends. You can possibly tell a short story about someone you’ve admired at work.

Something great about a project you worked on

Saying something great about a project you worked on re-affirms your greatness. It shows how you’ve made an impact on the company. You should never leave a company and allow anyone to forget the great things you’ve done. Or if some people weren’t aware of the work you’ve done and how valuable you were, they know now! It’s a small world, you never know who you’ll work with again.

Wish everyone well

You can never go wrong with wishing people well. When it comes to your actual goodbye email, it honestly doesn’t really matter whether you’ve loved everyone or not. What matters is being someone who understands that wishing people well is sometimes how we “cleanse our soul”. If there are people you wish to give special or separate thanks to outside of your goodbye email, you can do that as well.

This is just a quick template for those who ponder on what to say in their goodbye emails. For everything else there’s the exit interview itself. You should also read my article 3 great tips for your next exit interview.

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