6 Ways To Market Your AQ’s Corner Feature Article


Congratulations on the release of your AQ’s Corner Feature Article! We’ve both worked hard. You took the time to review and properly answer the questions. You put up with my constantly asking you for more information, additional edits and outstanding pictures.

Now it’s time to put the actual feature article to good use. Don’t allow all that work to go to waste.

Here are a few tips:


    1. Add a “Press” section to your website, social media pages and include a link to your feature article. Your “Press” section should focus on anything written about your company. Or if you would like to simply add it to your “About Me” section, that is fine as well.


    1. Add your feature article link to the signature of your email. This is just another space to allow visibility to your feature article. Below is a sample of how you can formulate your signature. 

      [YourFirstName] [YourLastName]
      Checkout my feature article on: AQ’s Corner [Copy & Paste or Embed Link]
      Founder of [YourCompanyName]
      “Your Company Tagline”
      Like us on Facebook [Copy & Paste or Embed Link]
      Follow us on Instagram [Copy & Paste or Embed Link]
      Website: [Copy & Paste or Embed Link]


    1. If you have a company newsletter or a mailing list be sure to add your feature article link there as well.


    1. Continue to have friends and family members share links to your article on every social media platform they are on. While i’ve hit up just about every social media platform i’m on, having your friends and family market to their audiences is great as well. The more exposure you get, the more exposure your business gets.


    1. Have as many friends and family members comment on the actual article as possible. While it’s great for friends and family members to comment on the actual social media posts, the comments will eventually get lost in social media when the post is no longer popular.
      When comments are included on the article, anyone who views the article will see all the buzz about you, even if they are not on social media.


  1. Periodically pull your favorite quotes out of your article and copy and paste them on your favorite social media platforms. In the same posts copy and paste a link to your feature article beneath it.


People like doing business with people that show a human side. So it’s important to take full advantage of your feature article.


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