Adore What You Wear

An Interview with Sierra Taylor, Founder and CEO of Adore Lee Taylor

Instagram: @AdoreLeeTaylor
Website: AdoreLeeTaylor

Sierra is one of the most humble and professional Young Entrepreneurs you will ever come in contact with. Her level of professionalism and confidence at such a young age is what will carry her to greater heights.

Check out my interview with her to learn more about her and her brand.
Tell us about you

Well, I’m 17 years old and a senior in high school. I’m from North Carolina, but i’m a military child so I’ve been to a few different states and schools. I’ve always had good grades, so it’s always been natural for me to get A’s and B’s. I was the child that had higher expectations.

Currently I live with my mom and my brother lives with my dad in Florida. I have a cat and a blue Pitbull that I love to death. My family is small but we love each other. We’re all we have.

What age were you when you first started your business and how did you get into it

I was 17 when I started my business and I still am. I’ve only been in business for a few months now but I’m doing well. It all started one day when I was sitting on the couch and thought “I need another job, these hours aren’t cutting it. But I can’t work for someone, I have to be my own boss.”

I’ve always had an interest in selling clothes and giving stuff out. I started this event called ‘Giveaway Wednesday’ and every Wednesday I would give away a few items. I loved doing this and this love turned into Adore Lee Taylor.

What services do you offer

As of now, I offer women’s tee shirts, two piece sets and phone cases.

What are your duties as a Founder and CEO

I do everything, literally! I designed my business cards, my website, and my stickers. I complete all orders and send out most orders. However, my mom helps me out as well. I also place the orders for inventory and communicate with wholesalers and customers. I don’t mind all of the work though, I rather do it myself so I know it’s done the way I want.

Do you have any employees or helpers

I don’t have any employees but I will say my mom is a helper.

How do you manage school and running a business

Well thankfully this semester of school I only have two classes and an internship. This gives me so much more time to do what I need for my brand. Normally I try to spend about 3 hours a day on my brand and an hour on homework. The best blessing to come from this is being able to sleep more!

When and Where do you sell your product

I sell my products on my website, Adore Lee Taylor, and in person. I love my website because it is convenient for me and customers. It allows the customers to buy at anytime. I love in person sales too because I get to hand deliver the package and make the packaging a bit more cute. The downside to that is finding a time me and my customer can meet.

What makes your business stand out

My business is focused around self love and confidence. The back of my business cards say ‘Adore What You Wear’. I created that quote and always use it because I believe whenever you put something on you should love it. You should adore it. Society has given us so many unrealistic expectations of what beauty is suppose to look like, that we don’t see our own beauty. I want to give back confidence.

What places have you traveled

I’ve been as far as Las Vegas, Nevada for a cheerleading competition around 6 years ago. I was too young to really enjoy Vegas, but the experience was still nice. I’ve also been to New Jersey, Indiana, Virginia and Kentucky. All because of family or military purposes.

How do you come up with ideas for your business

I normally brain storm a whole bunch of ideas in my ‘Goals Notebook’ and decide which one is best. I also get ideas from my close friend Dominique, he has been a big part of my brand too. My mom gives me great ideas as well. I normally use most of the ideas she gives me.

What other interests or hobbies do you have

I love to read. I’ve stayed up until 3 am because I just had to read “one more chapter”. I loved cheerleading when I was a cheerleader. I also love Youtube and watching videos. I always watch different Youtubers like Jayla Koriyan, Amber Martin, Leah Gordone, and many more.

What advice do you have for other Young Entrepreneurs

No matter what don’t give up. I know at times it gets hard and you get that urge to give up but don’t, it will all be worth it one day. Also, do not be surprised if your “friends” don’t support you, you have to do this for you and make this happen for you. Take that leap of faith, and if it’s in God’s plan it will happen.

What advice do you have for the parents of Young Entrepreneurs

I would say just to support your child no matter what! I know when I got started my mom helped me out a great amount. From mental support to financial support she has helped build Adore Lee Taylor.

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned from your parents

The most important lesson i’ve learned from my parents is education is very important. I’m so blessed to have parents who instilled this in me at such a young age, because now i’m a great reader and i’m always ready to learn something new.

What other business ideas do you have in store for us

Well I don’t want to say to much, but just know whatever I put out, it’s something I believe in. I want to be able to provide a range of items from cosmetics to hair. I want to be an all around company that has plenty to offer.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years

In five years I see myself in my own home, new car, and traveling the world. I’d love to be making plans to have an actual store front as well, that’s my main goal. I hope to be able to give back too.

I’d love to build a few shelters in Charlotte. Lastly, I want to adopt a teenager in foster care and give them a loving home, well maybe I’ll do that one in eight years.

What’s your favorite quote and why?

My favorite quote is

Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.” ~ Jim Rohn

This is my favorite quote because I believe it’s never too early or too late to chase your dreams.

Having a brand is something I never thought I would have, but it has taught me so much and made me step out of my comfort zone. I love what I do and i’m glad i’m building my empire now. What’s the point in waiting?


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