7 Things i’ve learned about Entrepreneurs from interviewing them

As most of you know, within the next couple of weeks i’ll be launching Entrepreneur Stories on my Website. I am humbled and excited for you to join this journey with me, as I learn and grow from others. These amazing Entrepreneurs have allowed me into their worlds and have great stories to tell.

While working back and forth with each Entrepreneur, I noticed that most Entrepreneurs seem to believe in several basic principles.

    1. What we learn in childhood is an essential part of why we succeed. Even if a child does the complete opposite of what you are telling them. They really are listening and it’s best to keep talking.


    1. We never forget our childhood memories. Which includes but is not limited to: our parents and guardians, our friends and their parents. Most importantly, the neighborhood we grew up in.


    1. We’ve all had a childhood challenge that caused us to struggle with our self confidence. We all realize that, that doesn’t change with age. Simply because if you are moving forward and serving your purpose, you will be challenged.


    1. We all have “problems” we’d like to solve. A large part of Entrepreneurship is finding a problem, having a solution, and putting it into effect.


    1. There are many different things that can drive someone to become an Entrepreneur. They include but are not limited to; dissatisfaction with a product or service, being under employed or unemployed, a low paying job, a desire to create your own hours, or you may simply want a change.


    1. Everyone faces business challenges. Just because you’ve launched a business that doesn’t mean life is perfect. Though most people around you will assume that, because they are seeing you pushing through.


  1. Once you start you can’t stop. Every Entrepreneur has a plan to expand on their business. They’ve solved one problem and seek to solve other problems in the process.

One of the most disheartening things I found Entrepreneurs had in common was an understanding that nowadays people rarely support their own friends and family. Most Entrepreneurs listed it as something you shouldn’t expect. Entrepreneurs noticed how some friends and family were quick to support other businesses but not theirs.

From a consumer side I can play devil’s advocate and say not every idea is interesting. However, from a human side I believe most people can tell the difference between when someone doesn’t like an idea or they don’t want to support because they are not moving forward.

This isn’t just in business this is in life! Right now we are living in a world where people think if you are happy and focused you are phony. If you are miserable and unfocused, you’re keeping it real. They say misery loves company. I say so does happy. Entrepreneurs are always grateful for the support they do receive.

Here’s a little inspiration from a 17 year old Entrepreneur

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