3 things to do when someone you care about says they hate their job

For years we’ve normalized what I like to call “work torture”. That simply means, sitting at a place you hate everyday because you have “bills to pay.” The go to advice people give others when they hate their job is; “hang in there”, “we’re in the same boat, welcome to the club.” This isn’t normalcy that we should celebrate. We should force people to either look at themselves, take action or do both.

Here are my 3 top tips

Find out specifics

Ask them exactly what it is they hate about their job. This puts the ball back in their court. You’ll find that some people have valid reasons for hating their job, while others just like to play victim. If you put someone in the position to explain exactly what they don’t like about their job, they’ll be forced to say it out loud. Sometimes saying things out loud make us truly listen to our words. It also allows them to begin a discussion about the pros and cons.

Ask them what they are going to do about it

By asking someone what are they going to do about it, you are giving them an actual action item. This will show both you and your loved one how serious they are. You may find they dance around the topic and give excuses. Excuses include but are not limited to; every single thing in the world that is stopping them from doing something about it. If someone truly hates their job, they should have some sort of plan in place. Telling you, should only be a way of venting while they prepare for their next venture. Not a pity party.

Offer to help them job with their job search

By offering to help you are letting them know they are not alone. Job searching can not only be scary but it can be lonely. If people know they have support they are more inclined to move forward. You can find out their interests and a little bit about their background and do online searches. You can also reach out to friends in your network. In the age of the internet it’s very simple to help someone with a job search.

We need to help people understand that they are never out of options. We need to teach them that when it comes to their career, they have all of the power.

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