3 Signs your role is not respected at work

It’s time to leave your job and you know that. You’ve seen all the signs, but you needed me to write this article to confirm it. So here we go.

No one knows exactly what you do

If you are constantly getting asked by others what exactly is it that you do, that’s a sign your role is not respected. In any company no matter the size you should make it your business to be someone who is well-known and effective at what you do. This could be a case where you are not making yourself visible enough and need to work harder.

Or it could be a case where you’re simply at an organization that doesn’t appreciate you or your work.

Everyone thinks they can do your job

This is probably the biggest insult you’ll ever receive in a work environment. That moment when people bypass you or your department to get things out the door. That moment when people who have little to no clue of what you do, but decide to estimate a project for you. Or that moment someone hands you a project and tells you it shouldn’t take that long without asking your opinion.

This is a clear sign of disrespect and should be addressed immediately by you. If it continues to happen even after you’ve addressed it, make a plan and move onward. As this could mean you’re not far from a layoff.

Someone moved your seat without telling you

No one is ever really asked if they would mind if their seat were moved. Not being asked if it is okay to move your seat is not the part you should worry about. The part you should worry about is, that someone moved your seat and didn’t tell you. It’s not that complicated for someone to send an email and say, “hey, sorry we had to move you.”

No matter the excuse if someone had to touch your personal things, you should have been contacted. If someone has to move you and everyone just waits for you to arrive back to work and says, “oh yeah, we moved you”, that could be a sign your role is not respected. Simply because moving someone is basically moving them out of the comfort of their personal space.

Watch for signs as the economic climate changes. Always put your best foot forward. When that is not enough, you can either make moves or get moved! It’s all up to you.

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