Brownies, Brunch and a Website

I had the most amazing day as an Entrepreneur and Business Owner. I spent the day with my new client Carlette Stover of Carlette’s Divine Delights LLC.

Due to my daughter getting sick I had to reschedule our first one on one session. However, that didn’t stop me from setting up tutorials and sending them to her. With a coughing, sneezing, sniffly baby in tow I managed to pull off some amazing tutorials, to which Carlette followed to the letter!

So by the time we met up for our one on one session, Carlette managed to do quite a few things on her own. Carlette and I met a little less than two weeks ago at a Business conference for military spouses. I kept hearing her say how she needed a website and how she wasn’t comfortable with certain technologies so I offered up my services. The rest as they say, was history!

Carlette went from being completely uncomfortable with Web Development to being a key player in designing her own website. We also had to do a little HTML coding, to which she was very proud of herself!

In the process we enjoyed brunch and brownies! We’re just about done with her website. Some minor tweaks need to be made but that’s it!

This Homeschooling Mama, Military Wife, Business Woman, and Dessert Queen has some amazing days ahead of her. I’m very proud to be a part of it!

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