5 key things a new employee should get

There are 5 key things a new employee should get within their first week of work. While some of the things listed below may seem simple in nature, you’d be surprised at how important they are.

A seat assignment

The most essential part of making an employee feel comfortable is letting them know where they will sit. Ensuring that an employee has a seat assignment on the first day helps to relieve their anxiety and makes them feel more at home. This is a win, win situation for both you and the employee.

Onboarding with Human Resources

All employees should receive a proper introduction to the company within the first week. They should know all of the company’s do’s and don’ts. In addition to how they will get paid. As well as who they should go to with any concerns.

Onboarding with the IT department

All employees should be properly onboarded through the IT department. They should have their hardware and software properly set up. They should also have access to all necessary accounts needed to do their job.

An introduction to who they’ll be working for or with

All employees should be properly introduced to anyone they are working with. Especially people they will be working with on a regular basis. There is nothing more awkward than a new employee having someone they don’t know, give them a work assignment.

While you should expect all your existing employees to properly introduce themselves, this doesn’t always happen. So it’s your job to make the introductions.

Clear expectations of what is expected of them

There’s the job description posted on the internet and the one from the interview and then there is the real job description. An employee should have clear insight on what their duties are within the first week. If those duties have changed since they have been hired, they should know that as well.

As with the beginning of any relationship, building respect and trust goes both ways.

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