So you think you know all about Online Advertising – PART 1


So you think you know all about Online Advertising, but do you really?

My first job in the technology industry was working for as an Ad Trafficker (yes that is how you spell it). The knowledge I gained with not only the company, but in that role was amazing.

I’m going to give you a crash course in online advertising also known as internet marketing, explaining each term in 3 sentences or less.


IAB stands for Interactive Advertising Bureau. The IAB develops technical standards, best practices and fields critical research on interactive advertising, while also educating brands, agencies, and the wider business community on the importance of digital marketing.

Online Ad Sales team

As with any business you need a sales team. The Online Ad Sales teams is a group of representatives, that work on behalf of a website to sell ad space to advertisers on their company’s website.

Ad Contract

An Ad Contract is an agreement between the website and the advertiser. This confirms things like; how long the ads will run, what type of ad units and what size (i.e Leaderboard, 728×90). This also includes any places the ads should not run on the site and the costs.

Automated Ad Sales Tool

Automated Ad Sales tools are different from Ad Servers. This is where you enter and maintain the actual contract. This is also where you manage invoices.

Ad Campaign

Once a contract is in the system it becomes an Ad Campaign.

Campaign Manager

Ad Campaigns are usually entered in the system by Campaign managers. Campaign managers are responsible for ensuring that ads run as expected. If a campaign is under or over delivering for any reason, they are responsible for letting everyone know.

Ad Trafficker

An Ad Trafficker is the person responsible for testing, adding, and properly targeting the ad in the Ad Server.

Ad Server

An Ad Server is what physically puts the ads on a website. No matter what Ad Server the business uses they will have it customized based on the sections of their website. So for example, if an advertiser is targeting the “business” section of the site, the Ad Trafficker will see that and properly target the ad to that section.

Ad Operations

The Ad Operations team is a make up of anyone who works on behalf of actually trafficking the ads. More often than not this includes the Ad Trafficker and the Campaign managers.

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