7 signs you’re a pretty basic employee



Showing up to work everyday is just not enough to get you employee of the year. Or employee of the day for that matter. It’s great that you rolled out of bed and figured you’d do some “Adulting” today. I applaud you for your efforts. However, you must know that if you truly want to be successful and elevate yourself, you have to do more than just get up and come to work.

Here are the signs you’re pretty basic

You hope no one bothers you all day

The biggest sign that you’re a basic employee is that you go to work, with the hopes that no one will bother you. You’re comfortable with not being busy at work and see nothing wrong with it. You spend more time than you should on projects, just to make yourself look busy to others. Essentially your ultimate goal is to do very little, while still looking busy.

Break time is your only favorite time at work

Let’s be clear, it’s very important to take breaks to re-energize. However, if you spend every single day hoping for a break to get away from your work duties; either your job is too much for you or you’re a pretty basic employee. Rest should not always be to re-cooperate from an awful day. While resting you should also have accomplishments to reflect on from your day. If not you’re either in the wrong field or at the wrong company.

You always pass the buck at work

You’re one of those people who only listens in for things that affect your job. Your favorite phrase at work is, “that’s not my job”. While it is important that we all ensure that everyone is carrying their weight, it’s also important that when necessary, you learn how to become a team player. By doing this you gain more visibility at work and if that is not enough, you learn more.

You’re a paycheck only employee

Just so we are all clear, the majority of us do work to get paid. That’s why they call it, “making a living.” Working for money is not what makes you basic. What makes you basic is that, that is your sole purpose for coming to work. You’re not looking to advance yourself or anyone else around you. If given the option, you’d sit at your desk all day doing nothing as long as you’re getting paid.

You think you’re not responsible for revenue generation at work

If you don’t understand that it takes a village to keep a company successful, than you are not just a basic employee, you’re basic period. Every employee’s role is vital to the success of the company. So if you’re not doing your job, you are at risk of making the company lose revenue. If that is still not enough for you, if the company loses too much revenue, you could lose your job.

You’re never afraid at work

Never, ever get comfortable with repetition at work. What repetition should tell you is that either; you need to ask for more advanced assignments or you need a job change. Often times being afraid at work or feeling challenged with assignments, means you are moving forward in your career. With companies trying their best to beat the competition, there’s definitely room for you to break the cycle of constant repetition. You just have to want to.

You’ve never learned anything outside of work to advance yourself at work

Average people take on the job training which is a good thing. However, exceptional people understand that, there is a world outside of their job that they have to understand. Exceptional people do whatever it takes to master their craft in many different ways, even if that means listening to audio books or simply googling things to research. If you say you don’t have time to google for the advancement of your career, but you spend hours on social media, well than you know what i’m about to say next. You’re a pretty basic employee.

Last but not least your other favorite quote is,

“Good Morning…Let the Stress Begin…”

It’s important that we understand the things that make us a less than stellar employee. No matter where you work, or what you do everyday, if you make a conscious decision to do it, you should always be putting your best foot forward.

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