3 reasons my personality is always the same on every social media platform


Social media is a very powerful tool. If you don’t believe that I suggest you sign off and disable all of your social media accounts. While it is a great tool for connecting with others and sharing random funny memes, it can also be used to help advance your career, business or personal life. If used improperly it can also destroy all three of those things.

My top 3 reasons for having one online persona:

I believe business opportunities exist everywhere

9 times out of 10 you’ve not only connected with family and friends, you’ve also connected with current and former co-workers. You never know who is watching and you always want to conduct yourself in respectable manner.

Maybe one day you’ll be looking for a business partner or another job. One of the people you’re connected to, could be an amazing resource. However, if they’ve watched you constantly talk about how you slack off at work, they probably won’t want to assist.

People who are resourceful and have a solid reputation, are careful who they associate themselves with professionally. It really doesn’t matter if you’re a a former co-worker or a blood relative.

I want to set a positive example for the black community

I believe there are enough negative images of people that look like me on the internet. I don’t feel the need to add to anyone’s negative perceptions of what is “expected” of the black community. I also want to continuously display and set great examples to demonstrate that all things are possible to those who work hard.

I want to show that being black does not equate to being broken. I believe and have seen that there is greatness in my culture. So I am committed to promoting that on every single social media platform that I am on.

I know that nothing on social media is actually private

The biggest misconception on social media is that there is a such thing as “private”. While you can set an account to “public” or “private”, nothing is really private. Just look at Facebook’s Privacy Policy about all the information they collect. As well as Twitter’s Privacy Policy.

If that’s not enough for you, imagine posting a comment on your friends page and even though their page is set to “friends”, their friends can see what you posted. Imagine your friends, friend taking a screenshot of something very “private” you typed and sharing it on their page and then having someone else share it.

Before you know it your “private” post becomes very public. For all of these reasons i’m very careful about what I like, share, comment and post.

This is not to say that you should not have fun while online. Just think before you post, comment, share or even “like” something. This isn’t “just social media”, these are software applications that thrive off collecting your data to continuously expand their data algorithms, that collect information on everything that you are doing online.

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